Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are an agreement that customers agree to before using the service. This agreement is created and automatically binds Host.ID service users. This agreement is tailored in such a way to benefit both parties for mutual interests, as well as customer freedom and security in utilizing services at Host.ID.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before usi ng Host.ID Services. Using the service and its features means you have accepted the applicable terms and conditions. Violating or ignoring any of the following terms and conditions will result in sanctions up to account cancellation with or without notification.

Applicable Condition

This Agreement binds all parties between Host.ID and direct Service Users or Resellers whose identities are stated through the Host.ID Service Management Facility and cannot be transferred or represented by other parties.


Customers agree to bear and hold Host.ID harmless from various claims resulting from the use of our services. Host.ID is not responsible for files, data, content from websites of Host.ID service users. All services provided by Host.ID can only be used for legitimate purposes (not breaking the law). The use of our services to infringe copyright or trademark is prohibited. This also includes the distribution of unauthorized copies of music, books, photos, or other copyrighted works. Offering or selling counterfeit products or merchandise from a trademark holder will result in the cancellation of your account. All accounts found to be infringing someone else’s copyright will be immediately suspended. And all accounts found to have repeatedly violated copyright by ignoring existing warnings will be removed from our service.

Users are PROHIBITED from loading and publishing content that contains:

  • Hacking programs and to store them, phreaking or archives programs and pirated software.
  • Pornography, racisms, insults and general immorality.
  • Things that can cause disputes, unrest and terror.
  • Copyright material without the owner’s permission.
  • Material that can be used for things that annoy all parties.
  • Ponzy, pyramid schemes and other forms of fraud.
  • Phishing, auto likes, auto bots and the like.
  • Other materials that are not in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.

We desere the right to refuse to provide our services to anyone. All content included in the description above may be removed from our servers with or without notice.

Domain Name

Domain name registration will be carried out after your payment is confirmed. Host.ID is not responsible if the domain name chosen by the service user has actually been registered by another party before payment from the customer has been confirmed.

The Domain Name must respect and not conflict with IPR, IPR, Patent/Brand Rights. The domain name does not violate the laws & regulations applicable in Indonesia. Violation of the above provisions may result in domain name deactivation without refund.

Use of Services

Users are prohibited from using our services to:

  • Gambling, Warez, Hacking, Phreacking, Pirated Software, Carding, HYIP and/or the like.
  • Sending mass emails and/or SPAM either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Install web proxy scripts, mail proxies, and other types of proxies.
  • Carrying out DDOS, port scanning, sniffing, system exploits, and other hacking actions.
  • Torrent websites, rapidlech or other peer to peer applications.
  • VPS is not permitted for VPN/Proxy/Tunnel/Bouncer use.
  • File sharing or for storing data or files containing copyright.
  • Storing backup files from other services or creating redundant backups.
  • Streaming Websites by uploading video content and the like for streaming purposes – Allowed if you embed videos using services such as YouTube and the like.

Resource Usage Policy & “Unlimited” Terms

Host.ID provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth (data transfer) on student, personal and business packages. This means that Host.ID will not set specific limits for resources and you can use the resources as needed. However, Host.ID uses a fair usage policy that applies to all accounts.

Host.ID Fair Usage Policy explains that if a user uses resources in the form of CPU, RAM and Disk Space from a server excessively which causes disruption to the use of other hosting accounts on the same server, then the resources will be limited or in some cases, but not necessarily, the user account may be deactivated before the user upgrades the account to a package that is better suited to the user’s needs or resolve the issue so that resource use on the account no longer causes disruption to other users on the same server. Host.ID provides unlimited hosting services for all websites with normal needs such as websites in general. Host.ID does not allow the use of websites or applications that continuously overload the server.

The term “Unlimited” means that Host.ID will not set a limit on the number of user files that can be hosted on its account. However, Host.ID is a web hosting company and all files uploaded to Host.ID are for website creation purposes. Disk space on a Host.ID hosting account cannot be used for: Backup storage, online storage, file-sharing services, film storage, photo storage, software storage, file storage content that has copyright, file storage that is illegal, violates the law, pornographic, or abusive, document archives or other types of archives, backup files (with the exception of single cPanel backups generated from cPanel), or log files. Host.ID has the right to delete such files from user accounts with or without notification to the client, even deleting the account. Host.ID also deserves the right to delete a single file larger than 1GB from a user’s account without considering the contents of the file with or without notification to the client. Host.ID also has the right to clean user accounts by deleting files that meet the criteria for file types that should not be hosted on the Host.ID service, with or without notification to the client.

Host.ID’s shared hosting service is not specifically for mail hosting use. Host.ID deserves the right to disable accounts using email with disk space of more than 10 GB until the shared hosting account is upgraded by the client to VPS services where such restrictions do not apply.

Host.ID provides inodes file limits on all shared hosting services with different limits. The inode limit for the Silver package is 150,000, 250,000 for the Gold package, 300,000 for the Platinum package and 500,000 for the Titanium package.

Timeless Free Domain Policy

Host.ID provides 1 free domain with the extension .web.id, .sch.id, .co.id, .ac.id, or.id, .com, .info, .org, .net for every 1 purchase of shared services hosting in student, personal and business packages with a minimum payment duration of 1 year. The domain will be renewed every year, with the domain renewal fee being borne from your hosting account subscription (renewal) fee. If you receive a domain renewal bill, please ignore the charge and simply inform us via a support ticket so we can help you renew your domain for free.

Trial and Trial Period Policy

  • Host.ID will provide a trial period for all services except licenses. This policy is based on the decision of our sales and management team.
  • Host.ID has the right to cancel the trial during trial period. Host.ID is not responsible for the content or data on our servers or services.
  • Host.ID has the right to cancel the trial during trial period if the customer is deemed to be at risk both from the network and software side.
  • Host.ID has the right to delete data if the customer does not make payment.

Other Terms

Host.ID VPS service is an unmanaged service where Host.ID only provides infrastructure and ensures VPS uptime. Installation and configuration on the VPS is completely left to the Host.ID client.

Payments and Delays

Customers agree to provide correct payment information in ordering our products or services. Order will be processed once payment confirmation is made (maximum 24 hours on working days).

All account charges will be issued based on the date the account was first activated. If a customers does not pay the bill within 7 days of the expiration date, the account will be suspended. If the customer still do not make a bill payment by 21 days of the suspension period (35 days after the expiration period), then the account will be deleted.

All accounts that have been suspended (either for reasons of abuse or not having made a payment) for more than 21 days will be permanently deleted.

Refund Terms

Customers can cancel the use of our services at any time. Violation of our terms of service will void the refund policy. The refund or refund process is a maximum of 10 working days after we receive complete information for a refund. Refunds do not apply to serious abuse such as phishing, rapid-fire and hacking. All costs incurred due to the refund request process will be borne by the client.

Host.ID provides a money back guarantee for the first 30 days of use. Refunds only apply to the first hosting account order. For example, if a customer previously had a hosting account at Host.ID, then cancellation and refunds do not apply to the second hosting account and so on. The refund amount will be reduced by the domain bonus activation fee.

Domain Terms

Domain registration/transfer fees are non-refundable.

General requirements

Users including anyone who has access to the user’s account must evaluate and assume the risks associated with the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of your website content.

Spamming activities are non-tolerable. We have zero tolerance for sending unsolicited emails, bulk emails and spam. All accounts of users who engage in spamming will be suspended with or without notification.

By registering at Host.ID, email of the user will automatically be added to our mailing list. We reserve the right to send emails with promotional content or other important information. User can unsubscribe from our promotional emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of our emails.

Promotion Terms

Host.ID provides many promos every day. All promos at Host.ID are only valid for the first year unless there are provisions that explain further about the promo.

Backup and Data Loss

Users uses services of Host.ID at their own risk. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged files that may occur (including, for example, from system crashes, security breaches, or hard disk and system failures). Users agree to backup your files and data independently via the backup menu that we provide and will be stored on our server.

Host.ID performs backups automatically once a week with a maximum account size of 15GB for accounts on Titanium servers, a maximum of 10GB on servers other than Titanium and the maximum number of files and folders (Inode files) is 500,000. Host.ID will not back up accounts that exceed these limits. The backup carried out by Host.ID is an rsync backup, which means that the new backup will overwrite the old backup.


Users agree to defend, protect, save and hold harmless Host.ID from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees that attack/against Host.ID, agents, customers, officers and employees , which may be due to services provided or performed or all products sold by users, customers, agents, employees or assigned tasks. Users agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Host.ID against any liabilities arising from; (1) Any injury to persons or property caused by products sold or distributed in connection with Host.ID; (2) All or any materials provided by customer that infringe or are alleged to infringe the proprietary rights of any third party; (3) copyright infringement and (4) all defective products sold to customers from Host.ID servers.


Host.ID is not responsible for any damage that may occur to user’s business. Host.ID does not provide any guarantees, either express or implied, for the services we provide. This includes loss of data due to delays, non-delivery, incorrect delivery and any and all service interruptions caused by Host.ID and its employees.

Law and Legal Issues

Host.ID may disclose user information to law enforcement agencies or other authorized parties if required by applicable laws and regulations without further approval or notification to the user. We cooperate with law enforcement when necessary and to the extent re