Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) only applies between Host.ID and its customers. Customers from resellers or other parties who indirectly use Host.ID services but are not registered directly as customers are not entitled to this SLA.

Internet Connectivity Uptime Guarantee

Host.ID guarantees internet connectivity on hosting servers of 99% uptime per month excluding downtime due to maintenance which was previously announced via For servers located in the US, customers are guaranteed redundancy links to various international backbones, while for servers located in Indonesia, customers are guaranteed international connectivity and direct connectivity to local exchanges (IIX or OIXP).

Failure to provide internet connectivity by Host.ID on the hosting server due to network disruption can be claimed if it exceeds the limit of 1% in one month and occurs at one time, excluding accumulation of disruptions that occur below 0.5%.

Server Uptime Guarantee

Host.ID provides a server uptime guarantee of 99% uptime per month excluding downtime due to maintenance which was previously announced via To maintain server performance, we carry out routine maintenance on Sunday evenings and early Monday mornings. During maintenance, there is a possibility that the server will be rebooted without prior notification via the website.

Failure to provide server uptime by Host.ID can be claimed if it exceeds the 1% limit in one month and occurs at one time, excluding the accumulation of interruptions that occur below 1%.

Data Security Guarantee

Host.ID guarantees the security of customer data including web file data, databases and e-mail as long as the risk to the security of the data is not posed by the customer himself. These customer failures include the following:

  • Thievery of access authorization (hosting account and all facilities therein, CPANEL, e-mail, and billing) due to insecurity on the customer’s computer.
  • Customer computer insecurity includes the presence of worms, viruses, keyloggers, or because customers access from public computers.
  • Posses a file or directory with all read write permissions (mode 777) on the hosting account.
  • Posses a script that poses a high security risk or is generally known to be a bug.

Claims for Failure of Warranty

  • Claims for failure of the guarantee above can be claimed within a maximum of 7 days after the disruption occurs.
  • Claims of server uptime and network uptime failure must be accompanied by proof of traceroute results to the customer’s domain at the time of the disruption and will be crosschecked with our data.
  • Claims will be rejected if the failure of the Internet Connectivity Uptime Guarantee is caused by other parties who are outside of Host.ID’s responsibility, including but not limited to:
    • Disruption of internet connectivity at the customer’s ISP
      Internet connectivity disruption occurred on one of the routes that provides connectivity from the customer to the Host.ID server.
    • Disruption caused by force majeure
      Disturbances caused by interference caused by other parties.

Only when the disruption claimed by the customer’s data matches Host.ID’s data, then Host.ID is obliged to return the full 1 month hosting fee in the form of money or in other forms of compensation, namely an additional 1 month hosting validity period.

A warranty failure claim will automatically be void if:

  • The customer’s hosting account was declared to have violated the Acceptable Usage Policy.
  • The customer’s hosting account has been suspended or deleted.

Tax Collection

When a customer requires a Tax Invoice, please do not pay the invoice received. Please contact us via by including a scan of the company/agency NPWP for the purposes of making Tax Invoices and Invoices. Tax Invoice will be sent to the customer’s address within 2 weeks after payment is received.

For Government Agencies (NPWP prefix 00), if the total payment (including VAT) is greater than Rp. 1,000,000,-, then the treasurer of the government agency is obliged to collect, make payment and submit SSP sheets 1 and 3 to Host.ID.

For Government Agencies (NPWP prefix 00), if the total payment (including VAT) is less than Rp. 1,000,000,-, then the treasurer of the government agency is obliged to make payment according to the invoice amount to which VAT has been added. Host.ID will send an invoice within 2 weeks after payment is received.

For further information regarding tax collection, please contact us on the telephone number.

Billing and Payment

  • The account validity period depends on the period selected when placing an order.
  • Host.ID will issue a bill to the contact email registered in the Host.ID billing system 14 days before the bill is due.
  • Expired domains will automatically be redirected by the registrar on the expiry date and returning them so they can be accessed takes between 6-48 hours.
  • Hosting that has expired will be suspended 7 days after the payment is due and the service will be canceled 14 days after the due date.
  • Hosting services whose services have been canceled due to late payment can be reactivated with additional reactivation fees and subscription fees.
  • Host.ID does not provide backup guarantees for accounts that have been cancelled.
  • Every payment made must be confirmed via the website page, telephone, email and customer service.
  • If within 24 hours after confirming payment it turns out that the customer has not received a payment receipt email or other email from Host.ID, then that means the payment made by the customer cannot be verified and the payment confirmation status is declared cancelled. We recommend immediately contacting Host.ID if this happens to re-clarify the payment that has been made.
  • Host.ID is not responsible for payments that are not confirmed. Consequences that arise as a result of this, such as expired/lost domains, suspended hosting accounts, incurring re-activation fees, and other consequences are entirely the customer’s responsibility.
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