Acceptable Usage Policy

This Acceptable Usage Policy is a policy regarding the use of Host.ID facilities included in the services used by customers.

Website Contents

Customers are prohibited from posting website content that is and/or related to:

  • Pornography, racisms, Insults and General Immorality.
  • Gambling.
  • Things that can cause disputes, unrest and terror.
  • Materials that contains copyright elements without the permission of the owner.
  • Materials that can be used for things that annoy all parties.
  • Ponzy, Pyramid Scheme and Fraud.
  • Other materials that are not in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Material that is prohibited by the ISP or Datacenter.

Use of Hosting Account

Customers are prohibited from using hosting accounts for:

  • Sending mass e-mails and/or SPAM (more details will be explained in another article).
  • Installing IRC BOT, PsyBNC, and processes related to IRC.
  • Web Proxy, Mail Proxy, and other types of proxies.
  • Download files using hosting facilities either via shell or other means.
  • Perform DDOS, port scanning, sniffing, and exploit systems.
  • BitTorrent or other Peer to Peer applications.
  • Downloader, leecher, music, video or other leecher.
  • Used without a registered public domain (spoofing). Hosting accounts whose domains are expired or available (can be registered by anyone) will have their services terminated.
  • Storing files that are prohibited in the “Website Content” article.
  • Any kind of prohibited use by ISP or Datacenter.

Use of Email Facilities

Customers are prohibited from using e-mail facilities and other facilities that can function to send e-mail to:

  • Sending SPAM and/or Unsolicited Mail, or intentionally receiving both of these things.
  • Sending mass e-mails for any reason and/or mail bombing.
  • Sending e-mails more than 120 e-mails per hour.
  • Sending materials that are in the prohibited category in the “Website Content” article.
  • Any mail of prohibited use by ISP or Datacenter.

Use of Resource Hosting or Cloud VPS

Customers are prohibited from using hosting resources in the form of CPU, RAM and Storage excessively so that it has the potential to or has disrupted services to other customers.

Sanctions for Violations
  • Host.ID has the right to terminate the contract without guarantee for refund of payment and refuse to provide the guarantee stated in the Terms of Services.
  • Host.ID will send a warning via e-mail to the customer concerned If based on the assessement the violation committed by the customer is minor.
  • Host.ID has the right to suspend or terminate services without prior notice.
  • Host.ID has the right to impose fines on customers who intentionally commit violations.
  • Host.ID has the right to terminate without a refund if the VPS is used for prohibited applications such as Teamspeak, IRC, VPN, Proxy/Bouncer, tunneling, autofollow scripts and other applications that cause disruption to the Host.ID network.
  • Host.ID has the right to take over domain ownership if the violation is serious and done intentionally.
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