Cloud VPS Hosting Services

The Indonesian Cloud VPS NVMe 10Gbs service is one of the newest technologies from server virtualization technology based on cloud computing, where in this technology a server is divided into several virtual servers. Each virtual machine serves the operating system and software independently and with fast configuration. Our VPS cloud server is equipped with a backup image so you can restore your Virtual Machine (VM) easily.

10Gbps Network

Datacenter that is directly connected to the Indonesian Interconnection Center OpenIXP, IIX-APJII, JKT-IX, NCIX Telkom, C2IX as well as connections to large international multiple upstreams.

Free Backup Image

The VPS server is equipped with a free image backup service so you can easily restore via the VPS panel provided.

Enduser VPS Panel

The VPS server has the IPMI KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) feature to carry out direct checks on the server such as restarting, power ON/OFF, reinstalling OS, VNC.

KVM Virtualization

VPS servers use KVM virtualization where each VM does not share resources with each other which can affect the performance of your VPS.

SSD NVMe Storage

Full NVMe SSD Storage with a maximum speed of 3,500MB per second, 4x faster than a regular SSD.

Dedicated IP

Premium Cloud VPS gets a dedicated IPv4 internet protocol IP address.

Affordable Cloud VPS Packages

Data Center

Tier-3 Jakarta